If you live in a home, chances are you have yard waste.

Yard waste can consist of grass clippings, old shrubs, branches, trees, and leaves.

This waste may take over if you’re doing landscaping or cleaning up between seasons.

This can be incredibly frustrating! 

There’s no doubt that you want to present a beautiful curb appeal.

Having dead flowers, brown grass clippings, and debris can take away from that.

If this is the case, you may be considering yard waste removal or yard waste pickup.

Opting for yard waste removal for your property, instead of throwing everything in the dumpster is more eco-friendly.

If you’re looking for different options for removing your yard or garden waste, this article is for you!

We will give you a deep dive of all of the information you need to make an educated and responsible decision about your yard waste and yard waste disposal. This will allow you to make better choices than just opting for junk removal.

How To Dispose of Yard Waste

What Yard Waste Removal Doesn’t Include

The term “yard waste” or “garden waste” refers to biodegradable items, such as branches, leaves, grass, trees, and flowers.

Items such as brick, rock, dirt, fencing, and mulch bags are not considered yard waste. You will require a junk removal service or junk removal company for this.

You can also trash of these items in your local neighborhood dumpster.

Household Trash

Do not get rid of household waste in yard waste collection disposal. Instead, wait for garbage day or dispose of it in a dumpster or call a junk removal company.


For furniture pickup, call a furniture disposal company. Pricing of this can vary based on the type of furniture you have, where your property is located, and how large the load is. If you disassemble furniture, you can take it to a dumpster. Otherwise, consider junk removal.

Rocks and Landscaping Material

Largely items that won’t naturally decompose require junk removal or a budget dumpster. Mulch, weeds, and soil can still be disposed of with garden waste.

Animal Waste

Animal waste, such as dog fees, is not meant for the green bin. Instead, opt for junk removal options or take it to a dumpster.

What Is Yard Waste

What Is Yard Waste

Yard waste, garden waste, and green waste refers to many types of debris. It is different than junk removal. All of this waste is a candidate for recycling through a collection service instead of getting rid of it in the dumpster. Many companies offer yard waste pickup.

Organic Waste

This can refer to many things; Primarily items that will break down over time. This will all be included with yard waste pickup. Soil and dirty is included. It doesn’t matter the soil quality.

Green Waste

Do you have grass, lawn landscaping, weeds, landscaping debris, mulch, or leaves? This is all included in your yard debris pickup.

Compost Pile

If you dispose of food properly, such as leftovers and egg shells, you can build a compost heap. This may include having an additional compost bin in your kitchen. This is a great way to add to your garden waste in an attempt to recycle yard waste.

Tree Stump

Did you cut down a tree, plants, or stump? This is considered garden waste! Your local trash collection service can remove this. You can even throw in the remains from a wood chipper!

Yard Waste Disposal Options

Yard Waste Disposal Options

There are many ways you can dispose of garden waste and other yard waste from your lawn and home. Garden waste is different than junk removal.

These options can vary in both convenience and price.

This article will discuss how you can properly dispose of yard waste. 

  1. Using Your “Green Bin” 

Some towns and cities provide a green bins or container for homeowners that provide yard waste collection. This is a convenient way for yard waste removal.

These are bins that resemble trash bins.

However, you fill these with organic matter and debris instead of trash.

In these bins, you can put a tree stump, grass clippings, dead plants, branches, and compost. If the branches or stumps are too large, you may have to break them down for weekly or biweekly pickup. It is easier for garden removal companies to get rid of smaller debris.

Your recycling companies will come occasionally to haul the bin for junk removal. Typically on collection day. This will save you on time and energy.

You will be limited with space. This means that large trees, garden remnants, and debris may require a junk removal company, budget dumper, or personal vehicle for removal.

The pickup schedules can differ by jurisdiction and season.

To find information about yard debris pickup and collection, contact your local city hall. 

Many communities will provide a mandatory monthly fee for these recycle services for your garden.

Since you’re already paying for it, we recommend taking advantage of it. The county will them begin recycling this waste from your yard, including lawn clippings, plants, wood chips, and other debris.

  1. Do It Yourself 

The principal limit to a green bin is the amount of yard waste it can hold.

If you want to avoid hiring a disposal company, then you can haul it yourself!

This green bin may need more space for your needs if you’re doing an end-of-season cleanup or landscaping in your yard.

To do this, you’ll load your yard waste and other debris into your truck.

We encourage people to recycle where possible and avoid landfills.

Most communities offer composting centers or garden waste sites for these materials.

Drop-off at these places is often relatively inexpensive.

It’s important to dump yard waste in designated areas only.

Dumping junk and waste in undesignated areas can result in a fine.

Being responsible about your waste is important for both the environment and your neighbors. 

  1. One-Time Pickup

There are waste disposal companies that you can schedule to pick up your garbage, garden waste, and other debris.

You would organize a pickup time with your local waste management service to do this.

Pricing for pickup will depend on gas pricing, disposal costs, and staffing. 

We recommend calling these services to discuss pricing.

A yard waste service may be extra beneficial if you have heavy items, such as trees that need to be removed.

These companies are also great to call after the holiday season, to pick up your real Christmas tree. It’s a much better option than utilizing a dumpster for these items.

A one-time pickup will provide the convenience and peace of mind you need.

  1. Burning Yard Waste

Depending on your yard waste, you can burn it.

It’s essential to be mindful of your ecological footprint and what you’re burning.

Being responsible for the environment is vital (and can save you a trip to the dumpster).

Burning waste or manmade debris can cause a wildfire or add to pollution. 

Some types of waste that are good for burning are sticks and logs.

These make great firewood!

Instead of spontaneously burning, save these items for your next campfire.

Ensure that your location isn’t experiencing a drought or fire ban. 

It is also important to not burn any garbage, plastic, or non-garden waste.

This is unsafe to breathe in and can negatively affect the planet.

Only burn garden waste and natural debris and look up your bylaws before having any fires. 

  1. Yard Waste Subscription

Do you often have too much yard waste?

For example, you may have an acreage and constantly have loads of grass clippings.

If this is your experience, you may want to hire a company for regular, scheduled pickup to get rid of garden waste.

You can organize this service with your local yard waste disposal company.

You can make your pickup weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

This can be extremely convenient.

Furthermore, most subscription services have a monthly fee.

This will allow you to budget accordingly and get the most cost-effective option. 

Things to Consider During the Disposal of Yard Waste

Things to Consider During the Disposal of Yard Waste

Now that you know of different ways to dispose of your yard waste, you’ll want to consider a few various factors.

This will help you identify the best solution for you.

This includes:


Pricing is important to consider when opting for a yard waste solution. A one-time pickup fee is often the most pricey option. If you subscribe to a yard disposal service, you can expect some better pricing per each pickup. However, this often requires some degree of commitment. Doing it yourself is the cheapest option, but it may lack convenience. 


Aside from pricing, convenience is important. It can be very inconvenient to haul bags of grass clippings, mulch, branches, weeds, and other garden waste to your local waste management facility. In this case, you may believe that it’s worthwhile to hire professionals.

Ecological impact

Being responsible with the earth is part of your duty! This means not burning anything that can have a harmful effect (and not burning too frequently). Disposing of yard waste in the correct facilities is imperative.

Why Our Company

Why Our Company?


Our team is reliable and focused to get the job done.


We will book a schedule that works for you.


We have curated a yard waste disposal team and junk removal team that is made out of the most professional personnel, so you can avoid going to your dumpster.


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If you’re looking for yard waste removal, there are many solutions for you that are far better than utilizing a dumpster or leaving these items on the curb.

We typically opt for the professionals to handle large loads of yard waste.